Heritage Research Award

Each year the Foundation makes available research grants to university students who are undertaking graduate research projects related to the heritage of Waterloo Region.

A research grant of $3000 may be made at the beginning of the academic year to graduate students enrolled full-time at the masters or doctoral level in the fields of archaeology, architecture, fine arts, history, natural heritage, political science or any other discipline deemed to be relevant to heritage matters. The aim of the award is to encourage research at an advanced level into one or more aspects of the heritage of the Regional Municipality of Waterloo.


Applicants must be full-time graduate students at the University of Guelph, Wilfrid Laurier University or the University of Waterloo or full-time graduate students at universities outside the Region who are undertaking research projects on some aspect of our regional heritage.

Application Procedure:

To be considered please submit the following:

1. a letter of application
2. a proposal for a research project
3. official transcripts for all graduate and undergraduate studies
4. a confidential letter of reference from a professor familiar with the candidate's work, outlining the scholarly importance of the proposed work.


Application packages must be received by the Foundation no later than the 20th of January.

Please forward application package to:

Foundation Secretary
Waterloo Regional Heritage Foundation
Regional Administration Building
150 Frederick Street, 2nd Floor
Kitchener, Ontario
N2G 4J3
Phone: (519) 575-4493
Fax: (519) 575-4481

The Selection Process:

As soon as possible after the application deadline, a committee consisting of the Foundation's representatives from Wilfrid Laurier University and the University of Waterloo, as well as members of the Foundation's Heritage Advisory Committee, will consider all applications received. The selection will be on the basis of the student's past academic achievement, the significance of the anticipated results, originality of the project, and the likelihood of the project's completion. Particular emphasis will be placed upon the contribution the completed research will make to a heightened awareness of the heritage of the Regional Municipality of Waterloo.

A successful applicant will be contacted by letter, near the end of January.
The winner of the competition must, within two weeks of receiving the letter, notify the Foundation of his or her intention to accept or decline the award and the attached conditions. In some circumstances a personal interview may be required as part of the selection process. In such cases, reimbursement will be available to the applicant for travel costs.

In years in which no submission is considered suitable for support, no award will be granted.

Payment of the Award:

A cheque will be issued to a successful applicant subject to the following conditions:

1. The applicant has submitted proof of full-time status in a graduate program.
2. The student agrees that if he/she withdraws, transfers to part-time status or is found to have submitted false or misleading documentation, the Foundation, at its discretion may require repayment of all or part of the award.
3. The successful applicant also agrees to endeavour to publish the results in a recognized journal and to acknowledge in any such publication, the financial support of the Foundation.
4. The researcher agrees to provide the Foundation with a copy of the completed project to be used at its discretion for the promotion of heritage concerns within the Region.

Past Heritage Research Award Recipients

1987 John Shewchuk
1988 No awards granted
1989 No awards granted
1990 Lynn Richardson
1991 Marlisa Spadafora
1992 Brenda Ackerman
1993 No awards granted
1994 No awards granted
1995 No awards granted
1996 No awards granted
1997 Mary L. MacDonald
1998 No awards granted
1999 Heather Fraser
Sharalyn Krahn
2000 Jennifer Johnson
2001 Heather Moran
2002 Alexander Jenkins
Shawn Mueller
2003 No awards granted
2004 No awards granted
2005 Josh MacFadyen
2006 1. Jason Kovacs
2. Danielle Matheusik "Beer and Busts: K-W Oktoberfest and the Transformation of a Community Festival, 1967-1980"
2007 1. Anne Fitzpatrick
"The Establishment of a Historical Class Provincial Park in Waterloo Region"
2. Bryan Lovasz "Animosity, Ambivalence or Cooperation: German Canadian Relations During and After the Second World War"
2008 1. Nathan Coschi
"Education in Waterloo County During the First World War "
2. Elysia DeLaurentis
"Public Shaming as Popular Punishment in Wellington and Waterloo Counties "
2009 Kellen Kurschinski
"Home Sweet Home: Community Planning and Veterans' Housing in Post-War Waterloo County "
2010 No awards granted
2011 Jack Lucas, looking at independent and semi-dependent governmental agencies at the local level in Ontario.

Elliot Worsford, will examine Waterloo County's German Lutheran congregations to study the experience and memory of German Lutherans during the Second World War.
A photo of Elliot receiving his award from Sandy Rung, WRHF Chair, January 2012.