Castle Kilbride Baden - Restoration

Did you know that Heritage Canada designated Castle Kilbride in Baden a National Historic Site? The Castle is the most important historic building in Wilmot Township. It was built in 1877 by James Livingston. Livingston came to Canada from Scotland in 1854. He arrived, nearly penniless, to settle in an area that had already become home to immigrants from all over Europe and the United States. Livingston was an enterprising industrialist, opening flax mills and other businesses. Just over two decades after his arrival, he was able to build the showpiece of the area - Castle Kilbride. The stately home incorporated many unique features, including the famed paintings on the ceilings of all the main rooms. The Foundation awarded a grant towards the restoration of some of the ceiling paintings. After many years of disrepair the Township of Wilmot Council, together with many dedicated citizens, approved the restoration of this mansion. Active fundraising took place and with the assistance of many people, businesses and the Foundation turned this property into the museum it is today. The Township constructed an addition on the back which now holds their Council Chamber and Administration Offices.