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Apply for Funding

The Waterloo Region Heritage Foundation has approved a temporary pause in grant funding and a temporary pause in accepting grant applications, until the Foundation completes an internal strategic review.

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Apply to Serve on the Foundation

Board of Directors Applications

Elections are conducted each year at the Annual General Meeting, held in June. Any elected positions that remain open following the Annual General Meeting may be filled at a later date. 

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Past Projects

Take your time and enjoy as you learn about the various projects the Foundation has funded over the years.

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2018 Award Winners

Award of Excellence - Benedict Benninger, Jeremy Hetherington, David B. Scott and Lary Turner

Sally Thorsen Award - Hilda Sturm

Jean Steckle Award - Anne-Marie Bettschen

Region of Waterloo History Prize - Overtime: Portraits of a Vanishing Canada by Karl Kessler and Sunshine Chen


Nominate a Candidate

Please note that all award nominations have been extended until June 15, 2021

Use our online forms to nominate a deserving candidate for one of Waterloo Regional Heritage Foundation's annual awards. Awards are given out to the winners each year at our Annual General Meeting.   

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